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Here’s me… looking at gear

Hey, my name is Martin… and I am a recovering Gear-A-holic and Music Gear Junkie. It started many years ago with a mild case of G.A.S (G-ear A-quisition
You see, I was the drummer in my high-school punk rock band. And while the others wanted to ‘score chicks‘ (we were 12!), I just wanted to have tons and tons of tom-toms…. a swarm of cymbals and a stampede of bass drum pedals.
Also guitars, of the electric variety, was de rigueur at the time. These were the heady days of grunge, pop-punk and shoegaze, where fx pedals were part and parcel of proper ‘guitaring’, so these too became my obsession. And the infinite soundscapes that lie within fx pedals, always seemed so much more alluring, than practicing scales. So neither drums nor guitar were something that I got any good at… but I did enjoy deep listening.

As the years went by, more genres piqued my interest. My college years were full of electronic wonders. Samplers and synths captured my attention and meager finances… but the worst was yet to come.

My darkest period came as an adult. I got a job and a steady pay, but with it came, much less time to actually make music. Therefore endless browsing through online music gear shops was so much more entrancing, and videos by gear reviewers eventually became my sole point of human contact.

This combined with a severe lack of talent, resulted in my attempt to replace zero-creative skill with many, many bits of music kit. Everything from soundcards to microphones, preamps and compressors…. and so and so on. All the good stuff in life.

Today, well… nothing has changed really, and no real progress has been made. But thanks for stopping by and reading about my tragic tale.

At least this music gear blog is a more productive waste of my time.

All the best & Tudeloo


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