Guillaume Bonneau – Expressive E

Last interview from SuperBooth 2023, this time with Guillaume Bonneau who is a Sound Designer & Product manager at Expressive E. He talked about the inspiration behind their products Osmoose and Touche.

Check it out here:

Mark Verbos – Verbos Electronics

At SuperBooth 2023, I had a wonderfully long chat with Mark Verbos, founder of Verbos Electronics. He talked about his eurorack synth gear and the philisophy behind it, as well as how he go into making music gear via mentorship via legend such as Grant Richter (Wiard Electronics) and Don Buchla.

Check out some of the Verbos Eurorack Modules:

Verbos Electronics Harmonic Oscillator Verbos Electronics Polyphonic Envelope Verbos Electronics Bark Filter Processor