Odd Guitars into Eventide Riptide

This is a demo of the Eventide Riptide FX pedal with (nearly) 9 odd guitars.

In order:

  • 12-string tele
  • Dreadnaught Western Steel String Acoustic
  • J-Bass Squier with Neodymium Pickups
  • EOB Strat with Sustainer
  • Parlor Acoustic with Nashville High Strings
  • SG with a Sitar Buzz Bridge
  • Spanish Acoustic with Nylon Strings
  • Fretless Danelectro

Check out the Eventide Riptide here : (affiliate)


Edouard Madeuf – Arturia

Interview asking 9 odd questions for music gear makers, this time with the Product Manager from Arturia‘s Edouard Madeuf.

And check out select Arturia products:

Arturia Polybrute https://redir.love/spACz5id

Arturia Microfreak https://redir.love/craFcIu6

Arturia Keystep Pro https://redir.love/ez6TPOug

François Gaspard – ShakMat Modular

In this interview, I chat with François Gaspard, the founder of @ShakmatModular and ask him 9 odd questions for music gear makers.

Check out ShakMat here:

…and the modules Francois mentions here (affiliate):
ModMedusa Euclidian LFO https://redir.love/UHiv1M1Y
Knight’s Gallop Complex Sequencer https://redir.love/9KRXEJxx
Bard Quartet Four-Channel Quantizer https://redir.love/FOMHzXWN